"Stimulate your senses, Unleash your passion, Preserve your health"

Deepen your awareness by harnessing a passion for SUP. Stand up paddleboarding connects us with our inner most self and allows us to embrace the beauty surrounding us. Come have fun, meditate and get healthy with The Goat Boater.

Some of our Proud Partners

  • "Last night the time trials were awesome. I was able to shave a minute & 19 seconds off my earlier time, coming in at 12:56 for a mile. Everyone in the group had similar or better, some doubled, improvements. What a great experience this league has been. Thanks to The Goat Boater for the skills & direction." - Greg Ainslie
  • "The midnight aspect of it makes it seem clandestine in nature & it went well w/the overall theme of a small interactive group rather than a huge flotilla of people. It felt pretty damn good to be a part of a guided tour & not feel like a piece of meat with a $ sign above my head. I got to enjoy nature & meet some interesting & eclectic people in the process. “ - Tim Hines
  • "Had a 'SUP for Fitness' class this morning and loved every minute of it. Megan is a wonderful teacher. I will definitely be attending many more Goat Boater events!" - Donna Nottoli
  • "I love The Goat Boater! I've had the opportunity to have a few different experiences w/this fun paddleboarding team on Lake Wylie. I went to my first SUP Yoga class a few weeks ago & prior to that I attended an Intro to SUP class. I had an exceptional experience each time! Megan is a great instructor! Paddleboarding is not only a great way to spend some time on the lake but a great workout as well. Check them out!" - Renate Neal
  • "My sister & I took the Intro to SUP class. It was amazing. Megan is an awesome instructor. We learned a lot, had a great time, & will be back asap! Such a cool spot on the lake - super calm & easy to navigate the water." - Leah McCraney