The Goat Boater Purpose

Unleashing the passion, adventure and synergy within the paddle-board enthusiast.

The Goat Boater Purpose:  Our purpose it to provide the tools that challenge the mind and body of our community to grow and develop their love of paddle-boarding.

Goat Boater Values:  Adventure, Making A Difference, Adding Value, Passion, Personal Growth & Development, Physical Challenge, Quality Relationships, Synergy

Our Values Defined

Adding Value:  to the community by allowing individuals to be creative in nature in turn adding merit to ones live and fostering health and a deeper connection to the soul.

Adventure:  Allowing all to learn by adventure and discover different avenues of wellness through board sports.

Making A Difference:  by being part of the community and working together to create positive changes in the environment, within ourselves and within society as a whole through public service and organized charity events.

Passion:  Exhibiting passion by bringing a drive to succeed, energy to accomplish great things, a fun loving spirit, truth, vitality and soul into the business each day.

Personal Growth & Development:  Always continuing to grow our knowledge and develop our passion for board sports in order to adapt to change and act as a leader in our area providing an intelligent, focused vision for the company.

Physical Challenge:  Teaching others how to integrate the mind, body and spirit through different avenues of physical challenge involving boards.

Quality Relationships:  are the key to our future.  We encourage trust, love, respect, humility and connection with others.  We are open to creating new, lasting relationships with our community.

Synergy:  We strive to exhibit great synergy through unity, teamwork and congruency.