How Did This Happen – Blog Post

Let me say this…  I just have this huge addiction to boards whether it be a surf board, paddle board, skate board, snow board, knee board, wake board and so forth, I just want one and I want to know everything about it.  I don’t even have to know how to ride one, but I still want to know everything about the board.  The ins and outs, mechanics, how it moves, feels, looks, etc…  Not many people get to experience the lake life therefore I consider my days on the water a surreal blessing.  I never made it very far on water skis, but board sports were a different story.  I’m not the traditional poster child for board sports, but I do know a thing or two about water sports and how to make the best decisions when it comes to investing in a board that you may not necessarily intend on going pro on.   The knee board was the first board I ever rode maybe sometime around the year 1986.  Followed by a slew of other boards since then.  My passion for the surf board begain in my mid twenties.  For the first time ever I was introduced to surfing.  The excitement, adrenaline and intenisty of which a surfer made the board move through water captivated me.  The first surf board I ever took to riding was a typical surf school “soft” board, essentially a thick Polyethylene skin wrapped around the deck and rail of the board, combined with a soft slick flat bottom surface, extra thick and wide from nose to tail with a size of somewhere between 8′ and 9′.  Easiest board I’ve ever ridden, hands down.  The board’s buoyant factor allowed me to get up on the first try and it felt as though all I had to do was let the board do the work.  Great board for the person who doesn’t intend on falling in love with the sport and is only going to ride maybe once a year.  Since then, I spent some time living on the coast gaining an introduction to a different type of beginner board or two.  A board that is suitable for the lifestyle of a beginner surfer.  Following my time on the coast, I traveled to Costa Rica, then Australia and other surf friendly locales around the world.  This is when I learned a thing or two about board size, rocker, fins and surf conditions.  When I came home after two and half years of travel I purchased my first board.  It was a hybrid of sorts.  Surf board meets stand-up paddle board.  TBC…  Want to know more about my favorite boards?  Whether beginner, intermediate or advanced check out my paddleboard favs!

My first board, the Riviera Nugg 9’2″